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My SAT experience (Turkish Hope, 2021)


This article is written by one of our students Mr. Abdullah Al Nayeem. He took the exam at the Turkish Hope International School, Uttara, Dhaka. 

The experience of giving SAT for the first time wasn’t that easy for me. I had to deal with my stress and nervousness.

On my first test day, I woke up at 5:00 am in the morning. I had a cup of coffee and some biscuits. Coffee helped me a lot in order to get relief from dizziness. I had PDF file of SAT practice tests on my mobile. I practiced them before I left my house for the test center. I took some chocolates, muffin cake and fruit juice with me as snacks. Believe me you will need some snacks to energize yourself. I kept looking at the practice tests from my mobile when I was on my way to the test center.

If your test center is far from your home; I recommend you visit your test center beforehand if you are not familiar with the test center. You will get a clear idea about the journey time and how to get to the test center perfectly (avoid getting lost on the test day). Don’t forget to use Google map if possible.

My test center was Turkish Hope International School, Uttara, Bangladesh.

Test was supposed to start at 8:00 am. Unfortunately, I reached half an hour late. (Gate of the test center closes at 8:00 am. That’s why you need to enter test center before 8:00 am. Try to reach your test center at least half an hour earlier). I had to wait more than 10 minutes before I could get in the test center.

Teachers of the test center was really friendly and helpful. A teacher came and asked me if I have any mobile phone or electronic devices. I gave him my mobile phone and bag. I kept the necessary stuffs (pencils, water bottle, snacks, calculator). They told us to keep our calculator on the floor (We can only take our calculator from the floor during math with calculator section). Whenever I had a question, I asked them directly.  The environment of the center was quiet. Sometimes a teacher was giving instructions what to do next. I was literally trembling with nervousness and a bit of fear (for my late arrival). I was trying my best to keep calm and concentrate (I won’t say that I was fully successful). The hall room of the test center was very big. The tables of the test givers were placed at least 5 feet apart from each. We were not allowed to talk with other test givers. If I had any confusion or a question, I just had to raise my hand.  In this case, a teacher would come to you to guide you. So, there were no noises allowed.

I gave my SAT test without essay. So, when I was done with my math with calculator section; a teacher announced whoever has essay should remain seated. Others should take their mobile phones back from the teacher’s desk.

  1. Try your best to keep your calm. If you do bad at one section; you still have the chance to do great at the next section.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the teachers if needed.
  3. Reach at least half an hour earlier at the test center.
  4. Don’t waste your break time talking with others. Have some snacks and use washroom if needed. Try to relax a bit.
  5. Take all the necessary papers with you including your passport, SAT admission ticket. Read the instructions printed on your SAT admission ticket.