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Best Digital SAT Course In

Hone Your Skills For The Digital SAT

Aemers LLC USA offers its services in Bangladesh in partnership with GREC. For the students intending to take SAT and college admission in the USA, we have four tiers of services.

A. Digital SAT Courses

We have a regular 3-month Digital SAT Premium Course as well as the practice-intense Crash Course, which usually runs for a shorter duration.

A.1. Premium Digital SAT Course

  • 36 interactive online classes
  • A bundle of 3 online courses
    • Digital SAT Vocabulary
    • Digital SAT Reading (RW) including grammar
    • Digital SAT Math
    • Note: we have discontinued SAT Essay in our service. Also, at this time, the mock tests are module-independent.***
  • Most scientifically designed and richest vocabulary course, which covers:
    • 22 blocks of High-Frequency Words, HFW (total 333)
    • 22 quizzes on the HFW, each timed and all questions have their own explanations.
    • 200 blocks of Magoosh vocabulary created by Chris Lele
    • 50 blocks of etymology-based words that make your verbal vault invincible.
  • 4 LMS-based mock tests with explanations immediately accessible after the tests.

A.2. SAT Crash course (available only at certain times)

  • The structure of the course may vary
  • 12 interactive practice-intense sessions
  • 6 classes on Reading & Writing (RW)
  • 5 classes on Math
  • All online content as specified in the Premium Course above.
  • 4 LMS-based mock tests with explanations immediately accessible after the tests.

D. Admission Worldwide

Aemers LLC, USA has admission partnership with the universities worldwide and our expert counselors will confirm your worry-free admission to the dream university at the best affordable cost. Make an appointment to meet our Vice President Dr. Mamoon Rashid today!

Best Digital SAT Coaching in Bangladesh

The SATinfo Website ( is developed by Aemers LLC, USA. Aemers is partnering GREC in Bangladesh, which is praised as the pioneer in popularizing American Higher Education in Bangladesh. It’s not a mere braggadocio, please ask any of our competitors:

  • Who houses the most modern learning facility in Dhaka?
  • Who has their own publication of higher study books?
  • Who possess their own online book selling store, from where you can order SAT books and pay only after receiving at home (it’s our
  • Do they have international SAT tutors?
  • How rich is their SAT course? Do they at all have their own R&D team?
  • Most of the coaching centers started their online course with panic during COVID attack. We have been doing this since 2015. That’s why GREC is revered to be the leader in the industry.
  • Above all, please ask them frankly— what is the educational profile of your founder? If you don’t know, here’s our humble presentation to our founder Dr. Mamoon Rashid’s profile: he earned his PhD from Texas Tech University and has been serving as the faculty of two universities in the USA since 2013. He is also a computer programmer and Certified Adobe Captivate Specialist. Visit his personal site: